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Get Ready for 2015-2016 Dance Classes

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New school year approaches with dance classes starting this Autumn at many dance studios, colleges, and high schools! Let Dee know which school or dance studio you are attending, and she’ll help you make certain you have all dancewear and gear you need.


Here are some reminders for a selection of dance studios:

Counting Inventory


It’s that time of year to count and verify inventory. After the move, keeping track of items in their locations helps, too. Scanning bar codes to count items makes the task go fast, but for items without codes some extra help from inventory counting software simplifies the process and reduces errors.

Organizing into small sections, such as a shelving unit within a room, reduces errors with recounts. The extra benefit is also being able to find where an item had been counted at. Looking up the locations of a counted item could include finding out how many are in storage and need to be brought in to the store. Each shelf has been tagged with a name and code to identify it within the counting software.

Capezio September Sale

Come into the store and check out the Capezio tights on sale right now. Variety of styles available in child and adult sizes.

Capezio Stirrup tights are great for keeping tights in place while enjoying the freedom of bare feet. Adult sizes available in black, pink, white, and suntan. Sale price: $12.75 (also available in child’s)

Capezio Ultra Shimmery tights are available in black and pink in sizes S-XL.

Halloween Idea!!

Shimmery tights are great for costumes and the pink shimmers would make a princess fairy fun and sassy!

Capezio Ballet Slippers

Capezio205c White

Included in this month’s Capezio sale, Daisy full-sole ballet slipper available in white, pink, and black. The versatile white slippers can be dyed and decorated to perfectly match your costumes. A shoe cobbler may assist in dying your shoes or have the necessary items if you want to do it yourself. Acrylic paint can also be used, but do a patch test before painting the entire shoe!

Here is a video tutorial I found on painting ballet shoes. It is showing how to how to fix scuffed up slippers but any color can be used!

Store Opening Aug 4th!

We have completed the majority of moving and now Dee is finishing up with the organization and getting wired in. The store will be ready for its re-opening Monday, August 4th!

Dee’s Dance Design is located in Oak Grove Business Center on the ground floor near the back (see map). Once you enter the main doors facing Oak Grove Blvd, there is a maze of hallways to follow. Signs are posted pointing the direction of suite numbers (Dee is #25) which are posted pretty high, so look up!

De-stress Those Muscles!

We all know cold temperatures are hard on our muscles while dancing (and exercising) and that is why we wear our extra layers. Dancers start their warm-up period with extra layers such as leg warmers and sweater wraps. Warmer temperatures may reduce the chances of injury caused by muscles not warmed up enough for high levels of movement but they still can get over stressed.

Each time you dance you are building strength which involves the muscles tearing and re-building themselves. A lot of nutrients and cell building materials build up those muscles which is why it is most important to drink that water to keep things moving properly in your body. However, all the water in the world is not going to help the pain we feel while our muscles are going through their transformation.

Danshuz Split Sole Ballet

Ballet slippers come in a variety of styles typically made in either leather or canvas. Both fabrics are durable, however, from my own personal experience leather lasts longer. Canvas can cost less but depending on how often you dance, sooner or later they will start to fray or holes start to appear. Leather is not only more durable but it will form to the shape of your foot. Having a form fitting ballet slipper is comfortable and functional for a dancer.

Danshuz Split Sole Ballet Slipper SKU: 396


Dance shoe and apparel company Danshuz offers a ballet slipper that has the typical soft, stretchy leather at the front and spandex at the back of the slipper. This design gives you the durability of leather around the toes and balls of your feet while offering extra stretch for comfort at your heels. One of the benefits of split soles is that they allow you more room and flexibility to reach your full potential when pointing your toes. The spandex at the back of the slipper provides more stretch and movement without losing the shape of the ballet slipper.

Danshuz split sole ballet slipper (sku 396) comes with a pre-sewn elastic strap and a soft inner sole. These ballet slippers are ideal for those who prefer to dance without tights.

Available at Dee’s Dance Design.

Summertime Dancing

This time of year beauty media, whether online or in magazines, tout the best way to get shapely or fit legs to show off during the warm, sunny weather days of Summer. I have always believed it was my many years of dance that made my legs look lean and muscular. Some experts have said it is movement that keeps the cellulite away. Basically, any fat you store does not settle into one spot below the skin. For me, any kind of dance has to be the most fun way to keep moving!

According to, you burn about 221 calories each 30 minutes of dancing. I can see this being true with up-tempo music in salsa or ballroom dancing as well as tap dancing. Depending on the type of ballet class you take it may have less cardio. Many ballet classes focus on form which helps build muscles. Either way you can get lean muscle mass all over just by dancing a couple of times a week!

Ballroom dance classes are usually available year round especially at studios catering that style of dance. However, as a ballet and tap dancer I have found it difficult to find adult classes during the Summer months. I am happy to see Oregon Ballet Theatre announce their Summer adult evening classes starting June 23rd. Class times work well for those working without taking up too much of your evening.

Visit OBT’s website for more details: OBT Adult Summer Classes

Stage Makeup Tutorial

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It’s definitely recital season and I found a great makeup tutorial on YouTube. This is the same style of ballet stage makeup I have used in  the past. The video does a really good job at showing the technique for a novice. Younger performers can also use the double-winged liner, it really opens up the eyes.

As well as she applies makeup in the video, the great thing about stage makeup is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. But practice does make it perfect!